Families In Waiting

All puppies are $3,500.00 with a $500 deposit that is deducted from the total adoption fee.

*Note: If we received your deposit prior to 1/1/2021, your family qualifies for the adoption fee of $3,000.00 total.

All deposits are good for 3 years from the time they are submitted.

Each family is given 24 hours to choose their pup.

If we do not hear from you within 24 hours, we will move on to then next family on our list.

Waiting List

Date Of Deposit Name Location SexColor Preference Coat Time/Litter Requested
-------SGLAdvance, NCEitherAnyEither--------
12/17/19 Lorena P.New Rochelle, NYMaleAny CurlySept/Oct 2021
4/29/2020Karley Y.Bogalusa, LAFemaleRedCurly First Available
5/12/2020Elizabeth P. Bethesda, MDFemaleTuxWavy First Available
5/14/2020 Bridget C.Ridgefield, CTEither Black Wavy First Available
5/28/2020 James G. Boone, NC Either Any EitherFirst Available
6/2/2020Leigh Ann M.Charlotte, NCMaleBlack WavyFirst Available
6/15/2020Erin J. Charlotte, NCEitherCream WavyFirst Available
7/1/2020Debbie E. Virginia Beach, VA Male Chocolate CurlyFirst Available
7/22/2020Maria S.Fort Lauderdale, FL Either ChocolateCurlyFirst Available
7/24/2020 Marimar V. Orlando, FL Either Chocolate Wavy First Available
8/12/2020Rebecca J. Springboro, OH Either Parti WavyFirst Available
8/15/2020 Candace T. Atlanta, GA MaleAnyWavyFirst Available
8/27/2020Douglas D.Raleigh, NC Female PartiWavyFirst Available
8/30/2020 Krista D.Winston-Salem, NC MaleRed/ApricotCurly First Available
8/31/2020Hallie S. Scarsdale, NY MaleRed/ApricotEitherFirst Available
9/11/2020Sarah S.Dorado, PREither CreamWavyFirst Available
9/11/2020Mariel P.Panama City, FLFemale ChocolateCurly First Available
9/18/2020Jose R.Troutman, NCMaleBlackWavyFirst Available
9/20/2020Norma Q.Norwalk, CTMaleRed/ApricotWavy First Available
9/21/2020 Darien E. Aspen, CO Either AnyEither First Available
9/22/2020 Meredith B. Marlboro, NJMaleRed/ApricotWavySibling to below
9/22/2020 Lauren K. Morganville, NJMaleRed/ApricotWavySibling to above
9/30/2020Kelly U.Miami, FL Either Red/ApricotCurlyFirst Available
10/8/2020 Shereen M. Irvine, CAEither Red/Apricot WavyFirst Available
10/13/2020Lara H.Winston Salem, NCFemaleRed/ApricotCurlyFirst Available
10/16/2020Nathalie Y.North Bellmore, NYMaleRed/Apricot WavyFirst Available
10/19/2020 McRae B.Charlotte, NC FemaleWhiteWavySummer 2021
10/21/2020 Angela A.Raleigh, NC Female Red/Apricot Wavy First Available
10/24/2020Vinny A.Chestertown, MDMaleChocolateEitherFirst Available
10/28/2020 Judy R. Belle Mead, NJFemale Red/ApricotWavyEarly 2022
11/02/2020Pam F.Darien, CTMaleCreamWavyFirst Available
11/6/2020Cooper & Nicole B. Atlanta, GA FemaleRed/Apricot WavyFall 2021
11/11/2020Norma B.Hendersonville, NC Female Black WavyFirst Available
11/11/2020Zachary C.Albany, NYEither Red/Apricot CurlyFirst Available
11/18/2020Marc & Ellen O.New York, NYEither Red/Apricot WavyFirst Available
11/23/2020Kim & Jeff W.Charlotte, NCFemailRed/ApricotEitherFirst Available
11/28/2020Charles M.Brentwood, TNEitherRed/ApricotWavyFirst Available
11/28/2020Asia J.Henderson, NVFemaleChocolateCurlyFirst Available
11/29/2020Moira & Joe M.Washington, DCMaleAnyWavyFirst Available
11/29/2020Elmmy D.Trumbull, CTMaleRed/ApricotEitherFirst Available
12/01/2020Kim & Andrew F.Norfolk, VAFemaleRed/ApricotEitherFirst Available
12/03/2020Daphne R.Cary, NCMaleRed/ApricotWavyFirst Available
12/04/2020Carlo B.Hollywood, FLMaleChocolateWavyFirst Available
12/15/2020Kristen & Ryan B.Basking Ridge, NJEitherRed/ApricotCurlyFirst Available
12/22/2020Joe M.King of Prussia, PAMaleChocolateWavyFall/Winter 2021
12/28/2020Katherine H.Wilmington, NCFemaleAnyCurlyFirst Available
12/29/2020Julia E.Phoenix, MDEitherRed/ApricotCurlyFirst Available
12/31/2020Robert E.Trophy Club, TXMaleRed/ApricotWavyFirst Available
01/09/2021Jane N.Gladwyne, PAFemaleRed/ApricotWavyFirst Available
01/26/2021Deb P.Westport, CTFemaleChocolateEitherAugust 2021
01/31/2021Susan. B.Hastings on Hudson, NYMaleChocolateCurlyFirst Available
02/05/2021Vee D.Land O Lakes, FLEitherRed/ApricotWavyDecember 2021
02/21/2021Glendon & Lexie M.Asheboro, NCEitherCarmelEitherSummer 2022
02/22/2021Laurie & Philip C.Sarasota, FLEitherRed/Apricot WavyFirst Available
02/27/2021Shannon & Andy D.Charlotte, NCFemaleRedWavyFirst Available
03/01/2021Kendra & Michael L.Darien, CTFemaleRed/ApricotWavyFirst Available
03/03/2021Lisa M.Charlotte, NCFemaleRed/ApricotWavyFirst Available
03/04/2021Nancy M.Hanover, MAFemaleApricot WavyFirst Available
03/12/2021Stephen S.Mount Pleasant, SCFemaleCreamEitherFirst Available
03/18/2021Jodi P.Blythe, GAAFemaleChocolateEitherFirst Available
04/03/2021Leah B.Wynnewood, PAEitherCream WavyFirst Available