FAQS – Swinging Gate Labradoodles North Carolina

Each puppy is $3750.00 with a $500 non-refundable deposit that is deducted from the total.

Balance and contracts due at 7 weeks of age: $3,250.

Once you have submitted your “Adoption Application” and a non-refundable deposit of $500.00, your name is placed on our waiting list in the order the application was received.  You will remain on the list until you have chosen a puppy to adopt.  You may choose to defer to the next litter, in which case your name will move up on the list. 

Learn more on the Adoption Application page.

The deposit is valid for three years from the time of submission. You will remain on our waiting list until you have either chosen a puppy, or the three years has elapsed. Should you want to remain on the list, you will need to submit an additional $500 non-refundable deposit. This will be deducted from the total $3,000. The balance due at 7 weeks of age would again be $2,500. Each deposit is individual and cannot be combined.

*Note: Effective January. 1, 2021 the adoption fee for all pups will be $3,500.00. Families who submit their application and deposit prior to that date will qualify for 2020 puppy price.

We do not offer discounts of any kind.

The Australian Labradoodle is allergy friendly by nature.  There are three distinct coat types: wool, fleece and curly.  Fleece and Wool tend to affect a person’s allergies less while hair, as with any breed, can sometimes provoke mild allergic reactions. For those with severe allergies, we always suggest a curly puppy.

Learn more on our About the Breed page.

At Swinging Gate Labradoodles, we breed the multi-generation Miniature Australian Labradoodle.  Ranging from 18 lbs. for our smallest female to 35 lbs. for our largest male.

Our puppies are raised in our home from birth.  When age dictates, each puppy is given the necessary regimen of vaccinations. Each puppy is raised in our home(s) and dewormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks of age. They then receive their first round of parvo/distemper vaccination, microchip, full physical, fecal examination, and first month of heart worm prevention upon coming home / being transported to training. We provide regular veterinary care throughout the puppies’ early life.

We use every contact we are provided based off of your application. Once you are able to choose, you have 24 hours to respond. If we do not hear from you, we will move on to the next family on our list.

Feel free to scroll through our Alumni pages on our website. You are also welcome to check out our social media on Instagram and Facebook. Want to be featured? We encourage all SGL Alumni families to share, like, and tag pictures; using our handle and hashtag to be featured on our accounts.

Due to the risk of the spread of Parvo, we do not allow visitors. Parvo is transferred through microscopic fecal matter; often on the bottom of shoes. The risk is too high and we aim to protect, not risk, the health of our pups. *Due to COVID-19, all pick ups are to be discussed and details will be given on proper protocol. 


Options include:

  • Delivery to your home or a meeting location within 2 hours from our home in Advance, NC. ($1.50 per mile - one way)
  • Delivery to the airport to meet you and/or your family ($75)
  • Delivery via flight nanny (cost varies +/- $500)
  • Pick up directly from our home as well!


We offer a variety of colors throughout the year. In order for us to know exactly what you are looking for, we encourage you to send us pictures of your ideal puppy. 

A great resource for explaining the different colors and color combinations can be found by visiting our club's website by clicking HERE

We also recommend visiting our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to see all of our puppies and alumni. 

Each family is given 24 hours to choose their pup once they have been contacted. If we do not hear from you within that amount of time, we will move to the next family on our list. You are welcome to contact us at any time should you spot your forever doodle on our available puppies page.

We do! Puppy Kindergarten is a great introduction to daily life for your pup! The program is run by our trainer out of Charlotte, NC. They learn the basics of crate, potty, and leash training as well as name recognition.

The program is a minimum of 1 week, with a recommended stay of 3 weeks. Some families choose to do a full 4 weeks. Your pup is sent home with a detailed schedule and voice commands so that you are on the same page. The program is $500/week. We transport your pup to training and our Doodle Stork can still be utilized for post-training travel as well. 

All adoption balances and training costs are to be paid prior to leaving for training.

WAHOO - we found an amazing online training program for all of our puppy families, especially considering how busy life can be - it's called BAXTER & Bella!

In short, their system is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you on how to train and teaching you how to successfully integrate a canine companion into your life, family and home! What's more, they are offering our families an instant 25% savings on their lifetime membership, which includes more than 75 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable charts and checklists, unlimited one-on-one professional help, online classes and courses, training games and activities, in addition to so much more... all for less money than what many people will pay to participate in typical puppy courses - IT'S A GAME-CHANGER!


You can learn more about who they are, what they offer and how to get started by visiting: https://www.baxterandbella.com/learn-more

Or simply watch their overview video by clicking on the following quick link (Such a cute family): https://youtu.be/VdbrmycYiNM

We do not offer a long-term kenneling option. We have designated pick up days for each litter.