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Upcoming 2021 Litters

We will be in contact with eligible families as litters arrive.

You will have the opportunity to choose your puppy in the order that your adoption application and non-refundable deposit are received.

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Please call/email:

Rhonda Cox 704-400-3323
Jenny Blume 704-906-9717

Hi Rachel, Zeke is settling beautifully in his new home. He's been eating well and sleeping through the night from day 1. All potty breaks have been outside - I put bells on the door that we use when we go outside and last night when the door opened he came running from the other room to go out to potty. He is soooo smart and loves loves loves the snow. Today is his and Cooper's 1st vet visit here. Doodle Kisses and Love

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Australian Labradoodle

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Picture Property of Swinging Gate Labradoodles

Adopted Labradoodle Puppies

Swinging Gate has the option of withholding puppy(s) for breeding program.