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I am writing to let you know that Ollie, a.k.a. Percy, turns 2 tomorrow.  Ollie is our third dog and I will say our most loved.  I seriously never knew I could love a dog so much. Maybe because we got him as a new pup and I literally feel like his mom :).  His personality is so sweet. I swear he smiles!!  He loves to be kissed and definitely has a fear of missing out when he is not right at our side or feet.  He is so smart. He can sit in front of a piece of cheese and literally will not move until I say “go”.  I have timed him up to 3 minutes!!  We have never allowed a dog (until Ollie) to be on our furniture or in our bed but Ollie is different. He sits every morning with my husband on the couch as he begins his work day and sleeps right next to me and sometimes on my pillow every night.  Whether I am gone from the house for 5 minutes or a couple of hours he greets me like he has missed me soooo much which melts my heart.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to our family.  Ollie is so loved and adored. He is smart, happy and well trained 2 year old!