Guardian Home Adoption

About the Guardianship Program:

  • Our pup becomes Your Permanent family member, We simply retain breeding rights!
  • All you pay is a Non-Refundable $1,000.00 deposit.
  • We cover all health testing and breeding related expenses.
  • Guardians are expected to pay for normal care related expenses (e.g. normal vet visits, dog food, shots, flea/tick prevention, etc.).

A true Swinging Gate Labradoodles puppy is a quality bred puppy that will continue to benefit from your love, while only being a part of the breeding program for a short while.

Girls are bred no more than five times and then retire. Boys are studs for five years from date of contract or upon agreement.

Swinging Gate Jack

Swinging Gate Meg

Guardian Family Responsibilities

The guardian family is only responsible for the routine and customary veterinarian care and wellness of the Guardian puppy or dog placed with them, lots of love and care, regular vaccines, high quality dog food, monthly heart worm prevention, monthly flea and tick prevention, grooming, sick calls not related to breeding, regular exercise and socialization, and more than anything else, a loving family to call their own. You see, it doesn't take much. Just what you would normally do for your very best friend!

Guardian Application Requirements:

  • You should have a physically fenced yard and are home most days.
  • You must be willing to make the dog available for breeding when she goes into heat, or when he is needed for breeding.
  • You must agree to train puppy. (No one wants a badly behaved dog) This is just as much for your benefit as it is for the pup. A well trained puppy earns greater freedom and is a joy to live with and take out and about.
  • You must keep dog/puppy as an indoor dog and must not leave your dog/puppy alone for extended periods of time. These are not kennel dogs although they can be and should be properly crate trained.
  • Our breeding dogs must come to us at various times throughout the year. Our guardian family must be able to make the dog/puppy available to us upon request and with sufficient notice, for various types of testing, breeding, whelping, etc.
  • Reliable transportation is necessary.
  • You must feed only pawTree pet food, treats, and seasonings.
  • And finally, you simply sign a Guardian Home Contract along with placing a $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit which is required. The contract is completed once he/she is spayed or neutered and is no longer a member of the breeding program.

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